For the first time since the creation of the ECAN in 2012, the CLUB Mx DESCHAMBAULT comity is organising an ECAN TEAM RACES CHAMPIONSHIP. The main goal with the creation of this event is to have a festive activity to do where each team is representing either their local track or their sponsor. This event will give everyone a chance to have fun and to show team spirit in a usually very individual sport.

Team A

The Team A will be composed of 5 racers

Team B

The Team B will be composed of 3 racers


It is mandatory to pre register to participate in the Team Races Championship. Everything must also be done before July 1st. To sign up, you must go on our website, in the PRE REGISTRATION section and then in the SPONSORS section. Following that, the only thing left to do is to mention the name of your team. It is very important that we have your inscriptions before the deadlines so we can create a publicity in your team’s name to post and advertise on social media.


The team races championship will be offered to the racers on the big track as well as the racers on the small track. There will be 2 different championships for each, one with Team A and one with Team B. In order for the championship to take place, there must be a minimum of 3 teams signed up for each championships, on the big track and on the small track (invite your friends to form teams as well). The riders signed up in team A or B can sign up in more than one class (3 classes max) and the team to accumulate the most points will be the winner of the ECAN CUP and will receive many participation prizes.


The ECAN CUP will be given to the winning team at the podium and will have a champagne celebration. The cup will be won every year and the winning team of the previous year will be engraved on it. The winners will also gain access to the VIP tower on Sunday to watch the MX TOUR NATIONAL as well as free registration for 2022.

For the second and third places, some prizes and gift certificates will be handed out at the podium at the same time as the awarding of the ECAN CUP.

For all the other teams who participated in the championship, the racers will be admissible for a prize draw with many great participation awards and gifts.

A special prize will be given to the team who is representing their local track or sponspor the best as well as the team with the best sportsmanship.


The registration fee will be of 41.74$ + tax, per rider, per class, for the big track (3 heats).

The registration fee will be of 34.79$ + tax, per class (3 heats per day, every day) for the small track