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2022 Prices list (taxes included)

Main Motocross track day, on weekends and holidays$34,79 + tx = $40
Inter and Pee-Wee track day, any open day$17,40 + tx = $20
Moto storage$86,97 + tx = $100/month
Regular Motocross membership card$391,39 + tx = $450
Familial membership card (2 people, same address)$565,34 + tx = $650
Familial membership card (3 people, same address)$608,83 + tx = $700
Additional people on familial card (over 3 people)$43,49 + tx = $50 EACH
Pee-Wee and Inter membership card$217,44$ + tx = $250
Caravan parking (one night)$8,70 + tx = $10
Caravan parking (season)$108,72 + tx = $125
Membership cards and parking cards are not valid during the National Week (Monday - Sunday)

No credit

Payment methods accepted: Debit or cash only. Prices are subject to changes without notice. Note: When the track is closed or when you don’t ride, you must take your caravan out of the site. N.B CARAVANS CAN STAY ON SITE WHILE YOU ARE RIDING THE NEXT DAY AT A COST OF 10$. NO BONFIRE ALLOWED UNLESS YOU BRING YOUR TUB AND WOOD 


Click on link below to download the registration form (available in french only) : FormulaireInscription.pdf

Click on the link below to download the parental consent for minors (available in French only) : consentement_mineurs.pdf

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the link below to download : get_adobe_reader



Monday – Closed except on Holidays (open from 11am à 4pm)

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Open from 1pm to 8pm

Thursday – Open from 1pm to 4:30pm

Friday – Open occasionnaly. Follow our Facebook page and check the head of our website.

Saturday – Open from 11am to 4pm

Sunday – Open from 11am to 4pm

* * The track could be closed for many reasons, even on opening days. Check the site’s header before you leave.