2022 Prices list (taxes included):

Main Motocross track day, on weekends and holidays$34,79 + tx = $40
Inter and Pee-Wee track day, any open day$17,40 + tx = $20
Moto storage$86,97 + tx = $100/month
Regular Motocross membership card$391,39 + tx = $450
Familial membership card (2 people, same address)$565,34 + tx = $650
Familial membership card (3 people, same address)$608,83 + tx = $700
Additional people on familial card (over 3 people)$43,49 + tx = $50 EACH
Pee-Wee and Inter membership card$217,44$ + tx = $250
Caravan parking (one night)$8,70 + tx = $10
Caravan parking (season)$108,72 + tx = $125

Payment methods accepted: Debit or cash only.

Prices are subject to changes without notice. Note: When the track is closed or when you don’t ride, you must take your caravan out of the site.

Click on link below to download the registration form : FormulaireInscription.pdf

Click on the link below to download the parental consent for minors : consentement_mineurs.pdf

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the link below to download : get_adobe_reader


Monday – Closed except on Holidays

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Open from 1pm to 8pm

Thursday – Open from 1pm to 4:30pm

Friday – Open occasionnaly. Follow our Facebook page and check the head of our website.

Saturday – Open from 11am to 4pm

Sunday – Open from 11am to 4pm

* The track could be closed for many reasons, even on opening days. Check the site’s header before you leave.