Since 1977

The Motocross Deschambault site was created in 1977 for a provincial race and from the contribution for the company CAN-AM and the Club de Motocross St-Marc.

Daniel Thibault, who at the time, was a motocross rider and had just reached the professional ranks, took property of the track in 1990 by taking over for people from China.

Many improvements and an immense number of labour hours have made it one of the best track in Canada today.

All the big names of the Canadian Motocross such as Ross Pederson, Carl Vaillancourt, Jean Sébastien Roy, Marco Dubé, Blair Morgan, Colton Facciotti and Kaven Benoit, to only name a few, have raced at Motocross Deschambault. Racers from the United States and other continents like Damon Huffman, Brett Metcalfe, Mike Alessi, Josh Hill, Christophe Pourcel and many other have raced there as well over the years.

Today, the Motocross Deschambault site, accredited by the FQMHR, is one of the most popular, familial and profession parc in Quebec. We offer summer camps, Jeune Red Rider schools with Honda Canada and over 130 bikes available to rent. More than 300 people come to Deschambault to practice their favourite sport from April to October.

All the big motocross events in Quebec have originally started at Deschambault, whether it’s at the regional, provincial or National level.

Motocross Deschambault Areial Photo 1


Construction of the motocross track to host races on the weekends and let the public practice their sport until 1989.


Purchase of the track, that was previously owned by people from China, by Daniel Thibault. Major expansions of the track to make it worthy of hosting a real provincial championship sanctioned by the CMA. Result : a lot of spectators, 172 racers et the first place award for the nicest motocross track in Quebec.


Every year, some provincial championships were organized. In doing so, the track of Motocross Deschambault won the award for the nicest track in Quebec 7 times and the award for the best motocross racing organisation in Quebec 7 times. Many well-known racers, such as Ross Pederson, Carl Vaillancourt, Jean Sébastien Roy, John Dowd and many others, came to race at our track. The spectators were always a big part of the event and we had more and more racers every year.


Organization of the National Championship with all the best racers in the country and a record crowd at the event. The Motocross Deschambault track impressed a lot of people and many racers and teams are saying it is the nicest race on the race of the CMRC national series.


The year 2005 was a very difficult season for us with Hurricane Katrina causing a lot of important damage to the track. Following that, we had to redo most of the layout of the track as well as the draining system so a situation like that wouldn’t happen again. Despite the unplanned situation, the provincial championship that happened on Labor day was a success.


3 events took place that year, including the Vet Championship and the first race sanctioned by the Challenge Quebec.


Opening of the track for open practices and many events by the CMRC and the Challenge Quebec. Launch of the website www.motocrossdeschambault.com and purchase of our first bulldozer.


2 motocross events as well as motocross schools with MX School.


First visit of the Medaglia brothers and the addition of many new jumps. Purchase of the Komatsu bulldozer.


First Eastern Canadian Amateur National championship CMRC, foundation of the friendly series Motocross Deschambault et construction of the observation tower.


Success of the National amateur championship ECAN. First year that I am taking care of the track full time.


Comeback of the Monster Energy National Championship and the ECAN organized by Club Mx Deschambault and visit of Brett Metcalfe. The event was an incredible success! There was also the terrible accident of our friend Stéphane Bisson.


The Junior Red Rider school is back and we had a record number of racers for the ECAN and the Rockstar Energy national championship. Both of the events took place under the rain, but with the presence of the Alessi brothers and Mike Brown. We also gave our good friend Stéphane Bisson a check to help pay for the treatment facility that was helping him after his accident.


Many great improvements were made on the track. Over 160mm in rain fell down in just under 50 minutes at the beginning of June, which resulted in a lot of damage that took a week to repair. We had the best races at the National with racers such as Metcalfe, Georke and Facciotti. Construction of the 481 tower.


Biggest crowd to date for the Honda Rockstar Energy national championship and the Motovan GNA.

Motocross Deschambault 2016


Construction of the podium, construction of the track for the Straight Rhythm and reorganization of the restaurant section and the parking.


New infrastructures for our summer camps.


Our rental bike fleet went from 30 to 70 bikes due to our growing demand in summer camp and motocross initiations.


Late season start and our National event is cancelled due to Covid-19.


Record amount of inscriptions to our summer camps (500).

We initiated 2500 kids to motocross during our 2 hours lessons.

Canadian track of the year award recipient.

Construction of the new lake with zip line and beach.

Brand new heavy equipment for track maintenance.


Expansion of our team, Jacob and Jérome are now working full time at Deschambault.

New terrasse for events and activities.

Record amount of registrations (900) during the ECAN and PRO National.

Record amount of registrations to our summer camps (575).

We initiated more than 2500 kids to motocross during our 2 hours lessons.

Canadian track of the year award recipient for a second year in a row.


Our team pushed the limits once again this year.

New multi-sport building called “SPEED SHOP”.

Launch of our own clothing line.

Launch of our first beer in partnership with Les Grand Bois.

New formula for the ECAN, record registrations in partnership with the AMO.

Record crowd at the National PRO, new VIP Spectator zone.

Record registrations for our summer camps.

New ELITE CAMP with multiple Canadian champion Dylan Wright!

Turning into a more eco-friendly park by adding water bottle filling stations and waste sorting systems.

To finish the season on a good note, we had the first edition of the Northeast King & Queen Championship.

Motocross Deschambault 2017