• Motocross Deschambault adheres to the principle of accountability by circuit users in regards to the application and respect of the regulations hereby decreed in this Code.

Users participating in activities governed by the Motocross Deschambault are hereby subject to this Code:

  1. Participants must be respectful of other circuit users at all times;
  2. Participants must register upon their arrival on the site and must show proof of their registration at the request of an official. Bracelets are non transferable;
  3. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must complete and sign the consent form entitled “Parental Consent and Other Commitments for the Benefit of a Minor”  Parental Consent Form before the start of the activity;
  4. Participants must be respectful of the visual and noise control environment of the premises. They must also properly dispose of all waste, debris or other objects in order to maintain the cleanliness of the premises;
  5. Participants must keep their pets leashed at all times and always use a leash on pets to move them around. Every pet owner is responsible for his/her own animal, including cleaning up properly after the animal;
  6. Participants agree and understand that the practice of a motorised sport (motorcycle and ATV/Quad) is dangerous and involves the risk of severe and even fatal injuries;
  7. Participants are responsible for their own vehicles and must ensure that these are compliant with the general regulations in effect;
  8. Before each ride, participants must perform a pre-ride inspection of their vehicle according to the recommended verification and maintenance guidelines outlined in the owner’s manual. They must ensure that the fuel valve is in the “OPEN” position before starting the engine;
  9. Participants agree to submit their vehicle, upon request and at all times, for a mechanical and safety inspection conducted by a person responsible for vehicle compliance;
  10. Participants must wear all protection and safety apparel required on the park’s signage “Mandatory protective gear required in this park”, at all times, during riding sessions on this circuit;
  11. Participants must wear a helmet at all times while riding their motorised vehicle on the premises (i.e., cleaning area and other areas);
  12. Participants less than 14 years of age must have complied with age restriction and engine size rules at time of registration;
  13. Under no circumstances can participants lend their vehicle to unauthorized individuals who are not registered and/or have not signed the proper consent form regarding acknowledgement of risks involved;
  14. Participants must have the necessary dexterity, abilities and knowledge to operate and ride their vehicle in a safe manner;
  15. Participants must never use their vehicle if their abilities are reduced because of extreme fatigue or use of alcohol or drugs;
  16. Participants must never carry a passenger on their motorised vehicle;
  17. Participants must respect entry and exit points on the circuit;
  18. Participants must maintain their vehicle at a safe speed or be in first gear in pit stops and/or holding areas;
  19. Participants must always do one or several laps at low speed (trial run) in order to familiarize themselves with the current conditions of the track;
  20. Participants must respect the current general rules, signage on the premises and adopt a safe behavior on the circuit;
  21. Participants must always do a complete lap of the circuit and never cross over at a right angle;
  22. Participants must always be in control of their vehicle in order to be able to brake or turn in case of emergency to avoid another participant or obstacle;
  23. Participants must wait and make sure that the passage way is free before re-entering the circuit after coming out of pit row;
  24. Participants must remove their vehicle off the track if it is at a standstill and is preventing other participants to pass through;
  25. Participants are required to practice the sport, ride and push their vehicle only in the same direction as the circuit dictates and in the designated areas of the circuit;
  26. Participants must assist any person in difficulty on the circuit and make sure to signal oncoming pilots of the incident;
  27. Participants involved in an accident or witnessed to an accident cannot leave the site of the accident without identifying themselves to an official;
  28. Participants must report all incidents or lack of compliance to the present Code of Ethics to the person responsible of the circuit;
  29. Participants who do not comply with the present Code of Ethics will receive a warning. In the advent of a subsequent offence, the involved parties will be expelled without reimbursement;
  30. Motocross et enduro seulement, aucun VTT;
  31. Aucun remboursement après le premier tour;
  32. Il est interdit de pratiquer les décollages sur le départ (à cause du bruit).

Be safe and enjoy the season!


  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Body protector
  • Gloves
  • Knee braces
  • Boots